Boraspati Sumatran Enduro Dirt Biking Tour is private guided dirt bike riding experience, crafted to cater demands from riders for enduro dirt bike tours on the exotic Sumatran lands.

Having the ingredients for a memorable enduro adventure, we proudly present this tour package with the perfect balance of exciting adventure elements of Northern Sumatra and pure outdoor adrenaline!

Alongside with XTRIM Indonesia, we are introducing a new way to experience Northern Sumatra to the regional and international riders, bringing you exhilarating challenges at the most extensive experience of an enduro tour.

Our enduro adventures can be done any time all year around. We can organize short tours as well as long tours, even capable to organize longer enduro trips depending on your requests. Half-day tour on weekend take 6-7 hours, a full one-day tour will take between 8 and 9 hours, all with lunch breaks which are served in the middle of the trail.

Trails can be adjusted as we have alternative routes set for most trails allowing instant decisions to be made to fit the each rider’s skills, fitness levels and style. Our tours are equipped with full logistic back-ups.

Boraspati is affiliated with XTRIM Indonesia, a nationwide Medan-based dirt bike organization founded in the early 2000’s with branches in Bali, West Java, Jakarta and all over Northern Sumatra.

Clement Gultom, our CEO
is a local enduro legend and one of the founders of XTRIM Indonesia.


Our premium enduro bikes are two-stroke & four-stroke KTM and Husqvarna 250cc. For beginner/novice riders, we have smaller bike options, such as four-stroke Honda CRF Series, running on 150cc engine and Kawasaki KLX running on 150cc/250cc engine. Our bikes are all well-maintained here at XTRIM garage.


Our Track Captain leads the way. Our Sweepers carry tools and spares in the end of the line. Luggages, logistics and spare bikes are ready on our 4×4 trucks at the destination of the day through the main road. Our trucks will only enter the dirt ways for evacuation and bike replacements. Cornerman system is applied.

Vast Plantation – Active volcanoes – Crater lake – Geopark – Rainforests – Raging Rivers – Waterfalls – Traditional villages – Multicultural ethnic groups Pure outdoor adrenaline – A great day out!



The ride begins at a village gravelled ground trails at the outskirt of Medan, only 30 minutes drive away from your hotel. The challenges start at the plantation tracks, up to the soft humus and muddy plantation area.

Before entering the jungle, a crystal clear creek would be a nice SOP for a little cool down as our ride takes place on humid lowlands. Picnic lunch can be set here too.

The tracks on the following day should be more challenging as the route is a rough terrain on colder highlands. All meals provided and accommodation is with hot & cold shower, good fresh meals and free beers!


For the best riding experience, with single tracks and open dirt jungle trails, there is no other area better than mountain ranges of Toba Vicinity and Samosir Island in the middle of the gigantic volcanic lake.

This trip includes a return air-conditioned van transfer from Medan to Toba and back. There are plenty of excellent mountain trails in Sumatra, no doubts.

Starting and finishing points take place in Tuk Tuk area, the peninsula at the east coast of Lake Toba, and accommodation on the rest of the riding days takes places at different hotels and a one-time camping.


Got something else in mind? We are here for free consultation. Ask away for your tailored needs!